The signalling project is a large, expensive, ungoing project that was approved at the 2011 AGM. The goals of the project are to have

  • automated signals
  • train detection
  • turnout motor control

throughout our main layout the Waitemata and Chelsea Railroad, all coordinated using PanelPro in JMRI on the club's computer in the dispatcher's office.

The first step in the project was a trial of signalling and detection on one siding at the old Indian Hill station. The trial succeeded, and the rest of the layout was setup for signalling and detection. There have been many trials and tribulations since then. The system is now close to being fully operationable.

A mundane but essential part of the project has been standardizing, simplifying and upgrading the wiring under the layout. Much of this work has been done by Mark Jackson, the club's 2015-2016 president. The station control panels were re-configured during the re-wiring.


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