Indian Hill

Indian Hill is a station in the USA section of the the Waitemata and Chelsea Railroad. Up to 2012, Indian Hill was a warehouse district that was supplied with freight from the yard at Santel, another American station. In 2012, the club's committee approved a general plan for a three stage upgrade of the USA section. Stage two was to make Indian Hill a predominantly passenger station to complement the freight handling capabilities of Santel. Stage two became known as the Indian Hill project.

The following major work has been done in the Indian Hill project

  • Walnut Crossing station that was a major station near the old Indian Hill station has been greatly reduced in size and the space freed has been incorporated into the new Indian Hill. Walnut Crossing station is now a minor station that is usually treated as a yard of the New Zealand station Glydebourne.
  • Some yard tracks and industrial spurs have been laid at Indian Hill and the station is now treated as a major station in operating sessions.
  • A new backdrop has been installed.
  • New buildings has been added at Indian Hill and Walnut Crossing
  • The first version of a large girder bridge has been added near the eastern end of Indian Hill