Model Railways is a well established hobby of many parts and a large number of options. This page will contain information on starting out in some parts of the hobby. These parts are

  • building your indoor home layout
  • kitbashing and scratchbuilding
    • a building
    • a bridge
    • scenery
    • a locomotive or a critter
    • freight wagons
    • passenger cars
  • running an operating session
  • entering competitions
  • exhibiting a layout at a train show

Building your first indoor home layout

The information in this section is intended for those building their first indoor layout. Although some information would be helpful for those building their first outdoor layout, webpages and videos specifically on the building of outdoor layouts would be better sources of information.

The Australasian region of the NMRA has a series entitled Education program - basic skills of 10 short articles. The advice in the first nine articles will help all those starting out, no matter the prototype or era. The tenth article is for those who are interested in earning the NMRA's Golden Spike award.

  1. Module 1 - Getting started
  2. Module 2 - Scale and Gauge
  3. Module 3 - Layout Planning
  4. Moduel 4 - Layout Framing
  5. Module 5 - Track laying
  6. Module 6 - Wiring
  7. Module 7 - Scenery
  8. Module 8 - Maintenance
  9. Module 9 - Weathering
  10. Module 10 - NMRA Golden Spike Award

Other helpful websites for people building their first indoor layout include

There are also helpful videos


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