Electrical wiring and electronics is one of the more technical aspects of the hobby. Fortunately, there is a lot of informaton about this topic on the internet. This page will consist mostly of links to some of this information. I will include links to DCC and LCC. So far there is just links to DCC control.

DCC control

Wiring for DCC. A comprehensive explanation of wiring a layout that uses DCC. Written and maintained by Allan "Needs Another Locomotive" Gartner. 

A growing DCC website by Mark Gurries. On the welcome page of his website, Mark lists the four goals of his website. These are, in his own words

  1.  The primary focus of this website is to provide a reference place that addresses more advance DCC topics to help people solve more complex problems for any brand of DCC. Most of these topics are targeted for LARGE and/or a very advanced DCC layouts.To learn more about that, click: What is a large Layout? To understand the "how and why" a given solution works, it often requires one to understand the nature of the whole problem. That involves a technical (Nuts and Bolts) discussion since DCC is by definition a technical subject.  Despite that, it is my goal to make the complexity as easy to understand as possible.
  2. A reference site for some "How To" or "Do It Yourself" type projects related to DCC.
  3. A reference site primariy for NCE products and information (History)
  4. Website information on some layouts that do not have a website of their own that I work on. 

A detailed description of wiring for DCC. Written by Brian Lambert. The topics covered include a comparison between DC and DCC, wiring diagrams, attaching wires to track, installing a decoder in a locomotive, conversion of a non DCC ready locomotive, decoders for accessories, over current protection, power boosters, reversing loops, and turntables.


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