Prototypical tour

December 14, 2017

The prototypical tour will be on Sunday afternoon and will be a four part tour of MOTAT. There is a limit of 100 participants.


1300    Bus departs Onewa Arena for MOTAT, takes about 20 minutes

1330    Meet the visitor host, optional tour of the Aviation Pavilion

1400   Divide into four groups of no more than 13 people. Each group has one MOTAT guide and visits four sheds with an average of 15 minutes at each shed. If a train ride is available, the timetable will be adjusted so that people can ride the train.

1515    Tram to MOTAT 1

1530    We will divide into either two or three groups. If there are two groups, Group 1 visits the model railway and Group 2 visits the trams in the sheds. If there are three groups, they will be divided model railway, tram shed, tram shed. Optional coffee at cafeteria.

1600    Swap over. Optional coffee at cafeteria

1630    Tram to MOTAT 2

1645    Bus departs MOTAT 2 for Onewa Arena (the venue).

1715    Arrives at Onewa Arena

If we have two buses, one bus load starts with the tram to MOTAT 1, then back to MOTAT 2 i.e. the reverse of the other bus load.


Entry to MOTAT: The special fee is $16.15 per person which is a 15% discount on normal entry. Goldcard holders get free entry. We have arranged to pre-pay the entrance fee. This will give more time on the tour than if people had to pay on the day.

Bus: $10 for the round trip.


Although you can drive to MOTAT from the venue, we request that you take the bus because this will help ensure you do not become separated from the rest of the party. Taking the bus will also mean you do not have search for parking at MOTAT.

You should wear shoes suitable for walking over uneven ground.

April 21, 2017

There will be a prototypical tour and it is likely to be a visit to the rail exhibition at MOTAT and a tram ride between MOTAT 2 and MOTAT 1. What can be arranged will depend to some extent on the number of people on the prototypical tour.