Layout Tours


NZR Layouts on Tours:

Graham D - S Scale, NZR S Scale (1/64th). As featured on the cover of the New Zealand Model Railway Journal, March 2016.  Size 7.5 M x 3.5 M Based on Wellington area and Johnsonville branch line. Period early 1960s, late steam, early diesel and electrics. Features working signaling, building lighting, night scenes and some automatic running.

Neville C - S Scale NZR, North Line, Swanson, The North Auckland Line of the NZR from Swanson to Waitakere before the introduction of CTC. The Swanson station has a fully interlocked lever frame.

John A - S Scale, Based on the Greymouth lines and wharf

Trevor C – 9mm NZR, Huge large scale indoors.

George H - S Scale NZR (Sunday Only), Papakura to Huntly Railway. NZR S Scale (1/64th). As featured in The New Zealand Model Railway Journal, March 2018.

Other Layouts on Tour

Gerard Y – USA O Scale, Steam Era, featuring extensive scratch-built steam locomotives

Robert D – HO Small Live Switching/ Car Card operations, What can be achieved in a 10 sqM shed

Robb W – USA Mid-West HO Diesel Era (The Rainy), Mid sized USA operation layout, featuring hand-laid track, some new developments

Martin T – USA HO Mid West Early Diesel Era (late 60’s)(Minnesota), Mid sized USA operation focused layout featuring a very long mainline and extensive hand laid turnouts using fast tracks method. Trackwork complete, with many industries.

Dave R – USA HO Rockies, Extensively scenic and running layout; built for the railfan

Dave and Kenneth C – USA Large N Scale, highly detailed and scenic, larger N Scale layout, redeveloped town and industries, Winter Scene.

Michael H – Extensive G Scale Garden, Mixed Prototype, Features live steam Garratt.

Mike T – USA HO Scale Pacific Western, Photogenic Mid Western style, 70’s well detailed, Large Room sized layout

NSMRC - Multiple Prototypes, Large Club Layout USA, NZR S and OO UK (Sunday Afternoon)

George H - Papakura Line NZR S Scale (Sunday Afternoon)

SUNDAY ONLY Prototype Tour

- (Book Please) Bus Provided, Guided tour of Railway facilities at MOTAT – NZR 1:1 Scale

SUNDAY ONLY Alternative Tour

- Alternative options for Sunday 1 April are;
A) Stay on site for more clinics
B) to drive to see
1) NSMRC Layout, Birkenhead (Note: NSMRC has an HO USA, OO UK and S NZR Club Layout)
2) George H - S Scale NZR layout, Papakura
3) John Agnew - S Scale NZR layout (Greymouth prototype), Northcote + His Temporary Convention Model Rail Shop.

Layouts on Site:

* a layout from the Auckland Marklin Club, HO including Animated Modules
* the Swiss Modellbahn layout of Pierre Vuilleumier, HOm
* the NSMRC S Scale NZR Portable layout
* the HO layout of Hobby Hunter (American)
* the NZR Sn3.5 layout from Hamilton Model Railroaders

Photographs of some of the 12 layouts on the tours