Switchlist session

A switchlist session will be held on the Waitemata and Chelsea Railroad at the North Shore Model Railway Club on Friday evening. Further details are after the photographs

The session will be approximately two hours and followed by a tea break.There will be six switchlist trains and no other trains. Trains will have a maximum length of 500 feet and hence require one locomotive only. Track warrants will be used. The switchlists and train manifests will be generated using JMRI.

The full complement of operators will be at least 15, rostered as below (SM = station master, ASM = assistant station master, * = optional). These positions will be filled on a first come basis. If you want to be an operator, pleased indicate this on your registration form.

List of positions

Drivers 6
Glydebourne & Walnut Crossing SM, ASM
Indian Hill SM
Southport and Waro SM, ASM
Wairmarino and Arapito SM, ASM(*)
Santel and Mounts Siding SM, ASM

The NSMRC uses a MRC system that permits both tethered and wireless cabs. We can supply tethered cabs for each operator. Operators are welcome to bring their own cabs. Operators are also welcome to bring their own HO/OO/Sn3.5 locomotive. The layout will be open one hour before the start of operations to give operators some time to familiarize themselves with the layout. Previous switchlist sessions have experienced one or even two unforeseen interruptions of operations.