NZAMRC Competitions

This page will give detailed information for those wishing to enter the NZAMRC competitions at NZAMRC 2018. The sections in this page are

  • Trophies and awards
  • Categories
  • Competition rules
  • Competition entry forms

Good luck with your entries.

Trophies and awards

This document describes the trophies and awards at the 2016 convention. We are unaware of any changes for the 2018 convention.


This document describes the categories in the competition for the 2016 convention. As with the trophies and awards, we are unaware of any changes for the 2018 convention. We encourage you to thoroughly read the descriptions to ensure you enter you models into the correct categories. If you have questions, email the convention committee.

Competition rules

This document gives the competition rules. This is another document you should thorougnly read.

Competition entry forms

You can submit your entry on-line or complete an entry form by hand. We encourage you to do on-line submission. Doing so will reduce the chance of your entry going astray and reduce the time spent by the convention committee administering the competition. We have provided two links for on-line submission. The first link is to an on-line entry form that you can use to practise making a submission. The second link is to the on-line form for the actual submission of your entry.

You must complete one entry form for each model. This means if you have five models, you will need to complete five entry forms.

As part of your on-line submission you will need to provide an email address. An acknowledgement of your submission will be sent to this email address so please ensure the email address is correct. Once you receive the acknowledgement, print out the email, and bring it to the convention along with your model. You should receive the acknowledgement within a few seconds of hitting the submit button in the on-line form. If you have not received the acknowledgement after 24 hours, please contact the convention committee. Do not submit another entry form for the same model unless told to do so by the convention committee.

Some of you, not many we hope, may prefer to make a paper entry. The two links below are to forms that you can print out, complete by hand, and bring it to the convention along with your model.

As with on-line entries, you will need to complete one form for each model.

Blank entry forms will be available at the convention for you to complete on the day.


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