AMRA New Zealand is the American Model Railroaders of New Zealand. This is an informal organisation in New Zealand for people who model American prototype trains. The organisation has no central committee and there are no formal clubs. Instead, there are groups of enthusiasts in several parts of the country. Every odd-numbered year one of these groups, sometimes with help from a local model railway club, hosts a convention, known simply as AMRA. There is also a mini-AMRA convention on the even-numbered years.

The emphasis at these conventions is on North American prototypes but modellers of any prototype can attend. Some clinics and some layouts might not be specific to North American prototypes.

So far I have information on the following AMRA (NZ) conventions

  • 2017 AMRA Convention
  • 2016 mini-AMRA Convention
  • 2015 AMRA Convention
  • 2014 mini-AMRA Convention
  • 2013 AMRA Convention

Much of this information consists of the registration forms, newsletters and announcements sent out before the conventions. If you other information, especially reports, on these conventions that I can post without violating any restrictions, I would appreciate  a copy. If you have information on earlier AMRA (NZ) conventions, I would appreciate receiving that as well.

2017 AMRA (NZ) Convention, June 2-4, Porirua City

Post convention: June 7, 2017

The 2017 AMRA convention was held last weekend.

  • My report on the convention. The Gallery section of our website has a link to a large collection of photographs from the convention.
  • An edited version of my report and some photographs appeared in the 2017 May / June issue of the The Mainline. This is the six-yearly newsletter of the Australasian Region of the NMRA.


  • Newsletter # 5 - the final electronic newsletter for the convention.
  • Newsletter #4 - the second to last electronic newsletter for the convention. 
  • Newsletter #3 - the third electronic newsletter for the convention.
  • Registration form - the final version of the registration form - please disregard previous versions.

Mini-AMRA, November 11-13, 2016, Glenview Club, Hamilton

My report on the 2016 mini-AMRA is here

AMRA, Queen's Birthday Weekend, 2015, Auckland



mini AMRA, March 8 & 9, 2014, Paraparaumu


AMRA, Queen's Birthday Weekend, 2013, Palmerston North


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